Continuous Rolled Flight
Machine rolled flights come in a standard length of 3m this is a industry standard it is also easier to transport but we can roll you your required length exceeding the 3m but a min order of 3m is required. 
Important information to keep in mind with rolled flighting. Due to the metal strip passing through the set of rollers and “squashed” on the outer edge this does cause a decrees on the thickness of the flight on the outer edge. please see below for approximate thickness
3mm – approx 1.8mm on outer edge
5mm – approx 3mm on outer edge
6mm – approx 4mm on outer edge – LIMITED TO STOCK ON FLOOR
Sectional Flight
With our new computerized machine we are able to offer our customers the best

Sectional flights are individual turns, wraps, or segments. Sectional Flights remain the same thickness through out the flight apposed to rolled.
Sectional flight can be produced to a wide range of sizes, the flight dimensions are generally limited by the affordability of the base material. We can supply sectional flight with integral spokes, saving our customers assembly time. We also manufacture sectional flight with bolt hole patterns for mounting wear shoes or knives, bolting flight segments to mounting points or attaching segments to each other.

Screws with a pitch spacing equal to the diameter are considered standard and are suitable for most conveyors if conventional horizontal design.

Short pitch screw are used in inclined conveyors. They are also used to control the feed at the inlet and to reduce flushing of free flowing materials. The shorter the pitch the more efficient is the screw.
Variable Pitch Flights
Variable pitch flights are used to control the amount of material drawn down along the length of the hopper. By increasing the pitch at each flight along a screw you can incrementally increase the volume of production that is allowed to enter the screw.

Ribbon flights with integral support legs are used for sticky or cohesive materials that tend to build up on the flight-pipe interface also used for mixing material during conveying.

Tapered flight spirals provide a continuous incremental change in swept volume of the screw. This promotes even drawdown in a full hopper situation. Tapered flights leave residual material in the conveyor unless the casing is tapered to suit

Notched flights are used to provide a gentle mixing action. Notched flights are useful in blending different materials during the conveying process.
Double Start Flight
Double start flights are used to accelerate the conveying process the conveyor inlet and even out the pulsing effect at the outlet. They are also typically used in drilling and post-hole augers to equalise the torsional forces on the auger

Centreless flights are used for extremely sticky or fibrous materials that tend to wrap around or build up on a centre pipe.

Conical flight centres provide a continuous incremental change in swept volume of the screw. This promotes even drawdown in a full hopper situation. Combined with variable pitch the coned screw provides the best possible solution to even hopper drawdown standard troughs can be used with coned flights.

Notched and folded flights provide a more aggressive mixing action where material that passes through the notch is lifted and missed with the trailing material. they can also be used for aerating or cooling material